Buying a home is for many one of the major expenses in life. It is therefore important that you know exactly what you are buying. There are plenty of online options to search homes and to request viewings, but what do you do when you find a home that meets your requirements?

Once you have found your dream home, you will get emotionally involved in the negotiations, because you don’t want to lose your dream home.

Take your own buying agent in hands to get good advice. Your buying agent only represents your interests, so you're sure of a realistic view of the situation and get independent advice, whether it relates to eg. the structural condition or a realistic offer for the property. Moreover, independent research has shown that a buying agent on average a significantly better result than causes a buyer without buying agent.

Purchasing guidance from Woonhuis Limburg offers many advantages when buying a home. We guide you from beginning to end, we know the region well and have the necessary experience and expertise.

What we do for you as a buying agent?


Contact Woonhuis Limburg. You can do this before you start your search, but of course also if you have already an eye on your potential future home.


We will contact, on your behalf the seller or his broker, to schedule a viewing appointment. Did you viewed the property already a first time by yourself? We're with you the second time.


After the viewing we will discuss the property together. We will inform you about matters relating to the property, but also the surrounding area. We also advise whether further investigation is needed with regard to the land registry, destination plan, construction aspects and / or a homeowners association etc.


After we have discussed the negotiation strategy, we will negotiate for you. Here we will take aspects into account such as for example; taking over furniture, housing permits, start-up loan, construction aspects, building permits, terms of your mortgage, obtaining financing, completion date and many other aspects. Of course we keep you informed about any conversations that we have on your behalf.


The selling agent will draft the sales agreement including all the agreements made between buyer and seller. We will extensively take you through this agreement so you can sign it with confidence. The sales agreement will be sent by the selling agent to the notary chosen by you.


In most cases, immediately after signing the sales agreement, your new home should be valued. This is for the purpose of obtaining a financing. Do you have any renovation plans? You should indicate this in advance in order to take this into account.


With regard to the actual purchase, it is important to approach an expert party for arranging the financing. Woonhuis Limburg has highly skilled relationships herein and if you would like, we can introduce you, free of charge of course.


A day before going to the notary, we will contact the notary to verify that all funds have been received. So you are guaranteed a carefree handling.


Just before you go to the notary to sign the sales agreement, we will check the property with you for a final inspection. During this inspection we also take all meter readings for you. We make sure everything is still in the state as agreed.


The last step! We accompany you to the notary. Here the transfer agreement and the mortgage agreement will be signed. This is also the moment you will receive the keys. Now the property is yours and you can start enjoying your new home! 

Want to know more or make an appointment? Please feel free to contact us and we will help you further.

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