Professional property management at a pleasant price

Woonhuis Limburg makes a clear difference by offering unique first-line management services for private owners with one property or for institutional investors, project developers and housing corporations with a large property portfolio. You can choose from a modular structure of management services, which means that you always remain in control. Commitment, continuous possibility of contact, together with progressive online management systems and competitive rates make the difference.

Benefits of Woonhuis Limburg Management

  • Convenience and security because all rental matters are handled professionally and expertly without you as the landlord losing control;
  • A fixed contact person within our organization ensures clear communication and a fast and proactive approach;
  • Adequate debtor management for minimal non-payment;
  • Tax advantage of 40 to 50% for landlords with multiple rented properties if they have appointed an external manager;
  • Own technical service so that you and your tenants can always make use of our technical specialists. From minor to major maintenance;
  • Professional and reliable service due to the many years of experience of Woonhuis Limburg;
  • Knowledge sharing and legal helpline so that clients of Woonhuis Limburg Management can ask questions about all rental-related (legal) matters.

Research shows that a satisfied tenant keeps the rental property clean and makes timely rent payments! We carry out our management services based on this vision.

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Financial / Administrative Management

The supplies and services specified in the rental agreement must be settled annually. Our managing partner is responsible for the 'settlement of servicecosts' and also prepares the new proposal.

If the deposit is managed at the bankaccount of our managing partner, the rent will always be paid to you in advance, 4 days before every 1st of the month.

During the rental period, sometimes administrative adjustments are required. Our managing partner is responsible for the proper handling of e.g. changes in lease agreements.

Our managing partner is responsible for the collection of rent and service charges. The required annual rent increase is taken care of by our managing partner.

Our managing partner is the first point of contact for tenants on all requests around administrative matters.

This guarantee payment is managed by our managing partner. We will take care of the settlement with departing tenants using the established inspection reports.

Our managing partner will provide monthly a clear overview, containing a detailed list of the expenses and receipts of rent, plus a summary if there would be rent not paid on time.

Our managing partner takes care of the administration and reports to you so that you will have a financially responsible management.

Our managing partner monitors and detects any delay in payments. Through a precise credit management, our management partner will act quickly and proactively, of course in consultation with you. If necessary, our managing partner ensures that appropriate legal action will be taken.

We advise you on market rentprices and if the property will be empty we coordinate in consultation with you the best approach in order to rent the property.

Technical Management

Our strength is the nonstop attention throughout the year. Our managing partner is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All relevant documents will be carefully archived and are available at all times. So you always have insight into agreements; contracts with suppliers, rental agreements and inspection documents.

Our managing partner takes care of the 1st line technical maintenance issues for you. As a client, you don't need to look after those issues, knowing that they are properly taken care of. Annually, our managing partner discusses with you the requirements around the big and small maintenance of the property. Thereby you decide of course in which way we can support.

Our managing partner achieved discount agreements with many quality suppliers. Whether it comes to plumbing work, electricity, central heating installation, carpentry etc., always done for attractive hourly rates.

Our managing partner will take care of coordination of all matters regarding damages which are covered by your insurance policies.

As a client, you decide whether our managing partner will contact your own providers for technical emergencies, whether you chose for the convenience of our own technical department. Each assignment is prior to the execution approved by you.

Our managing partner will regulary check together with you current contracts with suppliers from e.g. cleaning or maintenance of the heating system. We keep suppliers sharp in their service to you as a customer.

With each assignment our managing partner checks the correct performance of the service work performed by suppliers. In addition, we hold regular eye on the general state of the property.

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