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Want to rent a house in the province of Limburg? Then you have come to the right place! Finding a tenant seems to be today no longer so difficult, but finding a suitable tenant, that's a whole different story. We are experienced specialists in the rental market and with our expertise we are happy to help you. You can contact us for the rental of student rooms, studio’s or apartments, but also for a family house or villa. Regular rentals for undetermined time or temporary (furnished) rentals, as well as a house 'for sale' that needs to get rented based on the ‘leegstandwet’, we are very familiar with all those matters. If required, we can relieve you completely. In that case we also take the administrative, financial and technical management off your hands.

Rent your home to a reliable tenant

Your home is not only nationally, but also internationally brought to the attention of potential prospective tenants. Your home is brought to the attention of expats, (inter)national companies, relocaters and private house hunters. Of course, our goal is to rent out your property to a reliable tenant. For this, we verify potential candidate tenants through a thorough background check and an identity check. If required, we can also carry out a credit check.

Network and Marketing

Through our years of focus on the rental market, we have built an extensive network. Tenants not only find us through our own website and numerous other related websites:

But also through social media and (in)formal contacts with other brokers and relocaters. In addition, our new properties get directly matched with the search profiles of potential candidate tenants in our own network. This combination ensures that the potential of renting your property on short term increases significantly.

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If you have questions or if you would like to make an appointment to rent your property through us, please contact us.

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We work regularly with well-known companies in the region which are looking for housing for expats. Below some examples of companies whose employees we have already provided with homes;

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