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During the acquaintance we will tell you more about Woonhuis Limburg and of course we would like to know who we are dealing with. A good cooperation is very important to us.

Discuss rental wishes and opportunities

We will give you a rentprice advice and discuss any additional conditions to be able to present the property well. The landlord will always decide the final rental terms.

Property advertisement

We will take care of a description and photo presentation for the advertisement of the property.

Presentation and proposals of the property

The property will be presented on all rental sites in the Netherlands and the major international sites. At the same time we offer the house to our registered prospective tenants and businesses. This widens the range among prospective tenants optimally, in order to rent the property fast!


Once we have a clear picture of the prospective tenants, we will take care of the viewings.

Screening prospective tenant

We want to be sure that we are dealing with reliable and solvent tenants. We check potential candidate tenants through a thorough background check and an identity check. If required, we can also carry out a credit check.

Prospective tenant proposals

Based on our findings, we will introduce a candidate tenant to the landlord. The landlord decides if the property will be rented to the candidate tenant.

Rental agreement

Once there is an agreement reached between landlord and tenant, we will take care of the rental agreement and any other necessary documents.

Collecting rent and deposit

Woonhuis Limburg collects the payment of the first rent and deposit and will transfer it to the landlord with settlement of our fees. Of course we need to be sure that the payment is taken care of, before we hand over the keys.


During the incheck we will make a visual and additional textual inspection report. This informs both parties how the property should be left at the end of the rental period.

Property Management

If required, we carry out the financial, administrative and technical management, which will provide the landlord a carefree rental experience.

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